Pravda is a nationwide daily newspaper with the longest tradition in Slovakia, established in 1920. It is published daily except Sunday and is our best-selling and the most widely read opinion-shaping daily newspaper. Pravda is published by OUR MEDIA SR a. s.. More about sales

Pravda offers up-to-date domestic and international news, commentaries, current affairs and a lot of practical and useful advice for every reader.

It is published daily with Užitočná Pravda supplement, offering advice on the pension and social welfare system, finance, law, work, health, housing and education.

Pravda Magazín, a social magazine inserted in Pravda on Thursdays, offers inspiring interviews with successful personalities, reports and a weekly TV guide (from Thursday to Wednesday).

Varecha, a culinary magazine, is inserted in Pravda on Fridays. It brings proven recipes from well-known chefs and readers, as well as tips and hints for kitchen and household.

Víkend, a current-affairs magazine inserted in Pravda on Saturdays, focuses on domestic and foreign social, political and cultural phenomena and offers relaxation and fun with Krížovky, a crossword supplement.

Pravda annually publishes more than 80 extra supplements dedicated to different topics.

The publisher’s portfolio also includes web portals,,,,,, and Internet TV channels - TV Pravda and TV Varecha. is one of the TOP 10 national news portals. In addition to traditional news, it offers interesting topics such as lifestyle, family, health and modern lifestyle, automobile, finance, travelling, housing, technologies, etc. More about website traffic is a culinary portal with the largest number of recipes in Slovakia; it offers more than 50,000 recipes from the portal users. Many of the recipes were published in a form of cookbooks such as Sladké pokušenie (Sweet temptation) and 100 slaných a sladkých receptov (100 savoury and sweet recipes).

TV Pravda offers a wide spectrum of topics with up-to-date news, live coverage of key events, current affairs or talk shows. Ide o pravdu (political talk show) and Videopredpoveď počasia (weather forecast) are among the most popular shows.

TV Varecha attracts viewers with a number of attractive recipes and shows about cooking and healthy eating presented by experts and celebrities.

The publisher of Pravda is OUR MEDIA SR a. s..

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