About us

Pravda daily is a nationwide periodical with the longest tradition in Slovakia. The average daily circulation of Pravda in 2016 was 54 078 copies and the average number of daily sold copies was 36 277. The online version, pravda.sk has 1 450 162 real users according to current AIM figures of August 2018. Every edition of Pravda daily has been read by about 265 thousand people, that is about 6 per cent of Slovak population aged between 14 and 79. Some 59 per cent of Pravda readers (approx. 155 thousand people) are men, and the count of Pravda’s daily female audience is about 110 thousand.
Pravda is profiled as a liberal left-wing newspaper. Its Editor-in-Chief is Nora Slišková since 2010; Deputy Editor-in-Chief are Jakub Prokeš, Ingrid Drozdíková, Martin Kováčik and Miroslav Čaplovič.

Pravda is published daily with Užitočná Pravda supplement, offering practical advice on different matters concerning the pension and social welfare system, finance, law, health, housing or education. It contains publicly beneficial articles presented in a well-arranged manner.

The Monday's maps - travel, school, or 240 pages autoatlas gain the great popularity among the reader´s of Pravda daily.

Every Wednesday is inserted in Pravda useful pocket guide that provides tips, instructions and laws in practical form.

On Thursdays, Pravda Magazín, a social magazine supplement is inserted in Pravda, presenting interviews with successful personalities, stories, reports, and sections such as Phenomenon, Health or Car. The magazine also contains weekly TV programs of 46 channels. On Thursdays, is inserted in Pravda witty sections IQ gym.

On Fridays, Varecha cooking magazine is inserted in Pravda. Varecha brings the most delicious and proven recipes for everyone from well-known chefs as well as readers, tips and hints for kitchen and household, consumer tests of wines, and competitions with awards such as household appliances and cookery books. The magazine closely cooperates with the internet portal Varecha.sk – portal, which has the largest number of user recipets on Slovak market.

On Saturdays, Víkend current-affairs magazine is inserted in Pravda, which focuses on domestic and foreign political and social phenomena. Its content includes, for instance, interviews with well-known academic, social and political key players, as well as essays and opinion-shaping articles by recognised authors.
Relax and fun for Saturdays are carried by supplements inserted in the magazine, Krížovky for crossword fans and Čertík for children.
On every last Saturday in a month, Pravda is accompanied by Osa, an opinion-sharing supplement that presents a discussion forum on the hottest, and even taboo social topics.

Dobré zdravie is a magazine enclosed with Pravda once a month, usually on Tuesday. Dobré zdravie provides wide range of advices and tips how to deal with common diseases such as diabetes or allergies. MiA is stylish modern magazine for women. Its articles are devoted to information on health, fashion as well as the traditional values of home, family and children. Dobré bývanie is a magazine enclosed with Pravda once a month, always on Wednesday, bringing insights into modern civil engineering trends and housing quality. Pravda daily and the magazine are a partner of the prestigious “Building of the Year” professional contest. Pravda also publishes Víno, a respected bi-annual magazine that is very popular among wine lovers and recognised by wine experts. Thanks to the magazine, Pravda daily was the partner of the most popular event of viticulture in Slovakia, the Open Cellars Day in the Small Carpathians Region.

Moreover, Pravda annually publishes over 60 extra supplements dedicated to different topics, such as Tax Law, Education, Automobile, Holiday, Business and Trader Calendar, School Calendar, Quality Food, Book of the Year, Ice Hockey World Championship, etc. More info: dennik.pravda.sk

Starting from November 2008, the format of Pravda daily has been reduced to 235 x 305 mm, that is about half the Berlin format. Before, Pravda was printed in the 287 x 400 mm format.
The Pravda’s usual number of pages ranges from 48 to 56 from Monday to Friday, and increases to 64 on Saturdays. However, sometimes the total number of pages even doubles when an edition is accompanied by regular or extra supplements or magazines.

The publisher of Pravda daily is P E R E X, a. s. whose owner is company OUR MEDIA SR a. s..